Fireplace Services

Safety is of utmost priority if you have a gas log fireplace in your home! Be sure to have your entire unit inspected and cleaned at least once per year, and perform the home maintenance yourself monthly. In this way, you can ensure no problems will ever put you or your family at risk for fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

What's involved in a fireplace service?

A thorough check and cleaning is done on the gas log fireplace. It is recommended by manufacturers to perform this service at least annually, preferably just before the Fall season prior to the first cold weather drop in temperature.

It is important to have this service done prior to any potential use of the gas log fireplace. You will not want any problems to occur that can cause you or your family or business serious harm.


The service needed depends on the type of gas fireplace installed. In general, our service inspection and cleaning includes:

    • Pilot and burner orifices inspected and cleaned
    • Fireplace box vacuumed
    • Burners and logs cleaned
    • Burner venturi inspected and if necessary reset to manufacturer specs
    • Safety switches checked
    • Embers replenished
    • Glass door cleaned and reinstalled Control compartment vacuumed and cleaned
    • Gas valve and junction box tested
    • Burner is lighted Whole system is checked for proper running function.
    • Pilot light relit if applicable

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