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Homeowners spend a hundred or thousand dollars on A/C repair because they fail to have their HVAC system checked and maintained regularly. Remember that, like any other appliance, an A/C might change its functionality requiring quick maintenance. 

So, when your existing local HVAC contractor does not meet your specific needs, or you want up to par A/C maintenance in Charlotte, NC, there is no need to look further than Get Air Done.

We inspect every HVAC component you have and provide necessary repairs to fix whatever problems your A/C has, from a cracked heat exchanger to a rusty duct network. 

Ways to Maintain Your A/C

Here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain your A/C:

Change Your Air Filter Once A Month

Aside from your heating systems, your A/C would work harder when the air filter is dirty or clogged. If you see a light layer of dust, dirt, or other debris on the filter, change it as soon as possible for optimal performance from your unit. Thus, changing filters once a month will ensure peak energy efficiency and performance from any of your HVAC equipment.

Keep Outside Units Clear Of Any Obstructions

Make sure that all of your outside units have a clear area around them. This means no plants, vines, and furniture should be growing right up next to the unit. Don’t forget to pick up a table or move a pot of flowers somewhere else. 

If something gets stuck in the unit, it would be challenging to deal with it on your own. But don’t worry, as A/C maintenance in Charlotte, NC from licensed technicians will be of great help. 

Don’t Touch The Coils On Outdoor Components

Similar to heating systems, an air conditioning appliance has coils that get very hot and can cause severe burns if touched without proper protection from gloves or oven mitts. So, before you touch the coils on your A/C and other HVAC equipment, be sure you wear protective gear. If you do not have the necessary tools, A/C maintenance in Charlotte, NC from the expert got your back. So, there is nothing to worry about. 

Make Sure That Your System is Balanced

A balanced system has both indoor and outdoor units working together efficiently by matching temperatures, so you aren’t spending excess energy cooling or heating certain rooms in your home.

Although balancing your HVAC system takes about 30 minutes, it can save you quite a bit on your annual energy bills and will extend the life of your unit by years. 

Turn Off Your System Every Time You Leave 

Most homeowners usually forget to switch off their A/C whenever they go out, which is why they end up paying more on their electric bills. If you are also paying high monthly utility bills, it will help if you turn off your A/C and even your heating units when you are not around.

Get Air Done – Your Number One A/C Maintenance Specialist!  

Many people do not have enough time and equipment to maintain their A/C. But there’s nothing to be afraid of, as here’s Get Air Done that you can count on and trust. We have a complete set of tools aside from a team of skilled and trained technicians.

We value our client’s time by providing quick and well-tailored A/C maintenance in Charlotte, NC. Give us a call at 704-634-0421 now!


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