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A duct network in A/C is responsible for guiding the air that enters thru the vents to your HVAC unit’s primary cooling or heating component. When it’s damaged and starts leaking air, it can take a toll on you and your home as a whole. It can particularly spike your energy costs and impact the temperature of your residential property. 

For leaky ductwork, nothing does better than the expert that offers customized A/C repair in Charlotte, NC. At Get Air Done, our technicians are skilled and trained to fix a leaky air duct. We also pride ourselves on complete HVAC equipment. 

What Are The Signs of a Leaky A/C Duct? 

It is easy to determine whether or not your duct is leaking air. But it would be confusing for beginners. The following are some signs of a leaky duct in A/C: 

Soot Around Your Vents 

There are many reasons why soot appears in your HVAC unit. It could mean that your duct seal is broken and the air is escaping from that point, or there is not enough airflow going thru your ductwork. 

The soot can also be an eyesore, so it would be wise to schedule A/C repair in Charlotte, NC from a licensed technician. 

There’s Cold Air Coming From the Vents

Are some rooms of your home colder than the rest? Then, make sure to inspect your duct network and seal a leaky spot to avoid high utility bills and protect your unit from any potential damages.

But for those who do not have the experience and equipment, a local HVAC contractor specializing in A/C repair in Charlotte, NC can come to your rescue. 

Dust Problems

You’ll find more dust around registers and vents in rooms where duct leakage is occurring as the system is not able to maintain the same pressure across the duct network. You should have your duct joints inspected and sealed off to increase your home’s indoor air quality. Also, it would be perfect to clean or repair your A/C filter for a better result. 


Another sign that your duct is leaking air is rust formation. Since the duct network is made of metal, it is not uncommon for it to corrode over time, especially when exposed to a high level of moisture. 

Remember that rust may also develop within the duct network, and a dirt buildup can be the culprit. Therefore, regular A/C repair in Charlotte, NC will be worth it. 

How to Avoid a Leaky Air Duct

As a homeowner, you always try everything to ensure that your heating system is working properly. But sometimes, things won’t go as planned. To avoid a leaky duct system, professional inspection and preventive maintenance from an experienced technician will be of great help. 

Get Air Done is The Expert to Call!

Are you looking for a local HVAC contractor that will fix your leaky AC duct system effectively? You don’t have to look further than Get Air Done. Whether your duct is rusty or your unit’s cooling output has decreased in the past few days, we’re here to help you.

Call us at 704-634-0421 to get started!


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