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Do you need reliable HVAC and air conditioning installation? Concord, NC, families and business owners rely on the best team of technicians from Get Air Done LLC. Call us today at 704-634-0421!

Concord and Cabarrus County are famous in North Carolina for some of the hottest and most humid summers on record. Heating and air conditioning units fly off the shelves, and buyers know that cooling system installations are sought-after services in Concord. They call our technicians at Get Air Done to take care of all their heating, air conditioning, and HVAC needs cost-effectively, with the five-star ratings to prove it.

If you’re going to purchase a cooling unit in Concord, North Carolina, we have four solutions:

  • A window-type cooling unit
  • A split-type cooling system 
  • Traditional central air conditioning systems 
  • Ductless heating and cooling system


If you ever need repair, service, or replacement of your current model, we can do it at a fraction of the price that mainstream chains offer. 

As local HVAC service contractors, we also have experience with servicing water heaters and HVAC heating equipment. If you have a broken heat pump, stuffy fireplace, or malfunctioning heating and cooling solution, we are happy to fix it within a few hours.

AC Installation Concord, NC

Professional Window-Type Air Conditioning Installation in Concord, NC

Are you considering window-type air conditioning installation? Concord, NC does not have typical residential structures with low square footage or only a few rooms to cool, so this is not an ideal cooling solution for the area. These units are one of the most power-hungry options on the market and unfeasible for commercial use.

Window-type units are great for smaller living spaces because they are:

  • Easy to install
  • Efficient on interior floor space
  • Excellent supplemental cooling units

In the world of heating and air, window-type units are the easiest to install and remove. However, contractors emphasize that these units may become a weak point in your home’s security system. If you need help with installation, contact Get Air Done LLC for HVAC services you can trust.


Split-Type Heating, Air Conditioning, and Climate Control Replacement Service in Concord, NC

Split-type coolers are maintenance-heavy units in the HVAC realm. They come in two individual pieces of equipment that you’ll need to install and connect—the compressor and distributor. If you replace one, there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace the other as well.

Heating and air conditioning solutions in split-type housings can save a lot of money. They have inverter compressors that can run at variable power settings. Heating and cooling power will increase or decrease depending on the ambient conditions of a room.

You can leave these units on for hours and continuously cool your home for an entire week. It will still ensure lower power costs than traditional non-inverters that run for only a few days at the same rate. However, you’ll need to project where you’re going to put them in your home as these bulkier fittings can block windows, doors, and vents and will need outlets to release heat.

To install a split-type unit, we’ll have to dig holes in a customer’s bedroom or living area for a semi-permanent addition to their home. Our HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance services are all bespoke and by request, with a satisfaction guarantee, which means you won’t need to pay unless you’re happy with the results.

We are one of the most trusted HVAC service providers in Concord, NC. We enjoy serving our customers’ needs at a personal level. If you contact our local professional instead of hiring technicians from a multinational company, you’ll be helping the local economy by patronizing our homegrown venture that’s reliable and honest on every assignment.


Call Central Heating and Air Conditioning Experts in Concord, NC

The prices of real estate and building materials in Concord are some of the lowest in North Carolina, so many residents build multi-story homes or mid-rise condos. We have been serving Concord, NC, for 17 years, which means people trust our quality services and local know-how. 

We find that the HVAC system of choice for mid-rise properties is the central heating and air conditioning unit in split-type or packaged systems. Both setups are excellent for improving air quality and saving power, but complicated to install, repair, and service.

  • A split-type central system will have its evaporator coil in the main supply duct that our technicians can place inside your furnace. 
  • A packaged central system has its compressor, evaporator, and condenser in a single cabinet under your home’s roof, which connects to an outdoor vent.


Even though central heating, air conditioning, and climate control units have the same internal components, your HVAC needs will differ depending on which one you install.

The service and repair costs of a central air conditioner will decrease if your house has a furnace. If you’re looking for expert technicians in Concord who can optimize your split-type or packaged central climate control unit’s efficiency, call us today or send us an email. We can also provide service intervals and lessen repair incidents.


Hire Ductless Heating and Cooling HVAC Service Specialists in Concord, North Carolina

We began serving Concord in 2004, and our customer’s preferences for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions evolve at a rapid pace. Ductless heating and cooling methods are the newest addition to the Concord climate control lineup, with more businesses and homeowners choosing these units over any other solution. Industry experts call ductless solutions the wave of the future with their low service and repair costs compared to a building full of ductwork.

Ductless ventilation systems are the most efficient way to warm and cool your home or business and maintain excellent air quality. It is a new appliance that needs our careful attention to install, service, and repair. 

Our company offers ductless cooling services, such as:

  • In-home estimate services
  • Vendor and manufacturer price comparisons
  • Service, upgrade, and upkeep services
  • Installing and replacing ductless units


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