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Do you need to get the job of installing a furnace, replacement, or maintenance services done fast? Call Get Air Done today. 

Concord is a land of extremes, and communities rely upon efficient services for cooling, heating, ventilation, and furnace installation. Concord, NC is a city of nearly 100,000 people with sweltering summers and frigid winters, thanks to climate change. Heating and air conditioning solutions are permanent fixtures in Concord, and there’s a high demand for quality HVAC services.

As a local HVAC services company, our owner and operator is also a North Carolina native. We’ve been proudly serving Concord and the surrounding communities for 17 years, and we know how essential heating and air conditioning solutions are for comfort, indoor air quality, and airflow management. 

If your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold spell, it’s best to have an honest and reliable professional on hand, like Get Air Done LLC. We perform repairs or install upgrades to improve energy efficiency and the best heating and furnace installation Concord, NC, has to offer. We also service, repair, and maintain every HVAC system—if your home has a dedicated heating system, we have a team for that as well.

Furnace Installation Concord, NC

Gas Furnace Installation—Concord, NC

Nobody can handle the HVAC needs of a Concord household or business like a local team, which is why so many people in the region rely on our heating and cooling experts throughout the year. 

Winters in Concord can be uncomfortable if your HVAC systems don’t have a heating component. Residents commonly use heating components at the heart of their central air conditioning system, which can heat multiple rooms and surrounding areas.

Gas furnace repair, installation or upgrade options, and servicing are among Concord’s most common HVAC needs. Get Air Done is always one of the top-rated HVAC contractor choices and our team is more than happy to demonstrate the benefits of our excellent service standards and energy-efficient solutions.

Methane heating is another option to save on the electrical costs of heating and air conditioning. Unlike wood fireplaces, these units use methane gas to warm your home. A typical model will have these parts. 

  • An automatic thermostat as the link between your system’s heating element and external thermometer
  • A draft fan or hood that directs air into the burners
  • An exchanger where passing and surrounding air increases in temperature before leaving the unit 
  • A burner that heats the exchanger by burning methane
  • Blowers that direct air from the heating unit to the rooms
  • A flue that eradicates waste material from methane combustion

Our heating and cooling system team has proudly served in the area for years, and they can diagnose, repair, or replace your broken furnace in a matter of hours. If your power bills are increasing with no viable explanation, your heat components might be struggling with efficiency. Call our company for emergency service or to install a new heating and cooling unit.

Electric Service Repair Company and Furnace Installation in Concord, NC

Many opportunities arise for a prompt replacement or repair project as the seasons change. Since winning the All-American City Award in 2004, Concord hoteliers have been serving up maintenance agreements to HVAC contractors to keep the influx of guests comfortable. 

The city remains North Carolina’s top tourist destination, despite severe weather, and it is all thanks to the energy-efficient heating and cooling methods of its well-equipped commercial establishments.

Electric heating systems are a favorite among commercial and residential clients. Our contractors find these options easier to maintain and safer than many other HVAC solutions. It runs on the household or hotel’s electricity, so you’ll never have to worry about methane leaks or other complications.

These heating options are simpler to install than all others. The three most popular manufacturers are:

  • GE
  • Rudd
  • Trane

Call our technicians if you have a new model that’s ready for fitting. We also service ailing units and look at those taking up more energy than they should. Contact our customer service line, and we’ll take care of your HVAC needs.

Oil HVAC Services Installed in Concord

If you need an HVAC service company that’s willing to repair, replace, or refurbish oil furnaces in Concord, we’re one of only a small percentage of options in the area. An oil system is an excellent companion for a central cooling system as both work on the same distribution network. They have the same points of contact to warm and cool your home or office, and the process is far more energy-efficient.

We have been serving warm oil heating solutions to families and businesses in Concord for generations. Unlike natural gases, oil models burn combustible liquids. There’s also no risk of explosions and carbon monoxide leaks. 

Historic establishments in the city may even have multiple oil furnaces in active service. However, oil options are more expensive and require more attention—it pays to call our professionals for high-quality services. Our company knows how to provide an energy system that’s best suited to your particular setup, and we pride ourselves on giving personalized solutions. 

Get Air Done technicians are proud to provide the best heating repair services in Concord and its surrounding areas. Browse our website to learn about the various services we offer, how long we’ve been serving your county or city, and how you can call or email us.

Modulating Furnaces Need Professional Services

Modulating furnaces are one of the newest heating solutions available to residential locations. It is similar to inverter-type air conditioners, increasing and decreasing heating power to meet the thermostat setting. They typically service enclosed establishments with air conditioning requirements that change depending on the number of patrons.

The options include single-stage or double-stage furnaces to service a broad range of establishments: 

  • Single-stage modulating furnaces switch between maximum heating power and shutting down. 
  • Double-stage models have a low-service setting to slow consumption.

Feel free to call Get Air Done for questions about our reliable HVAC service contractor or expert repair and upgrades.

Call Get Air Done: Concord’s Best HVAC Service Provider Since 2004

Our Concord services have evolved since our first customer call all those years ago, but our work ethic is just as reliable. We serve shopping malls, schools, and trailers with five-star NATE-licensed teams. You will find us honest, punctual, and highly experienced—call us for cost-effective HVAC work.

Call Get Air Done LLC at 704-634-0421 or send us an email. You can also browse our Facebook page or call 24/7 for HVAC emergencies.


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