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Taking care of your home can be a challenge because there is so much to do. Residents in Concord and surrounding communities of Cabarrus County frequently need a little help keeping their heating and air conditioning in top shape. 

At Get Air Done, LLC, we offer HVAC services and furnace maintenance in and around Concord, NC.

When you are ready to schedule a maintenance appointment, reach out to us, and we can explain all our maintenance services. If you want to hear from our satisfied customers, please read our reviews!

Furnace Maintenance Services Concord, NC

Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance

When you need furnace maintenance in Concord, NC, we offer a comprehensive heating and cooling maintenance service that addresses every part of your system. Your furnace generally helps heat the home and houses the blower for your air conditioning systems. 

When we arrive, we’ll inspect every part of the system for minor issues and small parts that may need immediate repair or replacement. We fix these problems on the spot before they can balloon out of control. We’ll also perform a deeper inspection and let you know if we find any serious issues with the system.


Checking the Thermostat

When our Concord-based company offers service, we do more than check heat pumps and air conditioners. We also check the thermostat to ensure that it’s working correctly. Sometimes, you might think a problem is with your heating system or A/C when, in fact, the issue is with the thermostat. A faulty thermostat can cost you a lot of money in extra utility fees.


Improving Indoor Air Quality

When we visit, we’ll also check the air filters to ensure they are in good condition. A dirty air filter reduces airflow throughout the house, and that can make your system inefficient. A clogged filter also fails to clean the air that passes through the home, which can cause health issues for the family.

This situation becomes even worse if you have a family member with asthma, an immune deficiency, or undergoing intense medical treatment. Our team at Get Air Done can install powerful air filters — we even have filters appropriate for hospitals and operating rooms. 


24/7 Emergency Service

At Get Air Done, we offer 24/7 emergency service for all our Concord-area customers. We’ll handle furnace repairs, A/C repairs, and any other issues that come up during these emergency service calls. Be sure you don’t allow these problems to sit overnight, enabling them to get worse. 


Estimating the Life of Your Furnace

When we visit your home, we’ll also give you an estimate of the lifespan of your furnace. This simple bit of information lets you know if your furnace is in good condition or if it will need replacement sooner rather than later.


Contact Get Air Done for Trustworthy Furnace Maintenance

For over 15 years, our team at Get Air Done, LLC has offered furnace maintenance to homeowners in Concord, NC. We’ll ensure that your system works appropriately, remains energy efficient, and keeps your family healthy. Call us at 704-634-0421 or send us an email for more information.


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