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The winter in Charlotte can be intense. The temperature can range from 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and a subpar furnace can compromise the level of comfort at home or in the office. 

But it is never too late. Now is the perfect time to replace your existing furnace with something more high-end and of good quality. 

With countless brands to pick from, which should you select? Here at Get Air Done, product recommendation is part of our furnace installation in Charlotte, NC, helping you decide without hassles. We are also familiar with all makes and models of furnaces. 

Common Types of Furnaces

There are three common kinds of furnaces, including oil, natural gas, and electrical. Which is the best? As a beginner, you may find it confusing to deal with. But worry no more. We will dicuss the pros and cons of each furnace below: 

Natural Gas Furnace

Every home or business owner wants a furnace that can heat any property quickly. A natural gas heating system will never be a disappointment. In terms of heat output or efficiency, this unit can meet and exceed your specific expectations and requirements, making it suitable in areas prone to harsh winter. 

Another thing people love about a natural gas furnace is that it is environmentally friendly and less harmful than oil or electric-powered alternatives. According to experts, natural gas produces less greenhouse gases than its counterparts. When burned, it only emits 30% less carbon dioxide than oil. 

Oil Furnace

An oil-powered furnace is the second most popular option for home and business owners when preparing for the long winter season in Charlotte. 

Although it is not as fuel-efficient as electric or gas alternatives, an oil furnace has reasonable and comfortable heat output. It can specifically heat a residential or commercial property quickly.

Unfortunately, the initial installation is costlier than expected. So, this will not be an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. But if you want to invest in something that can last for years, you can never go wrong with an oil type of furnace. 

Electric Furnace

When looking for one of the most modern options, an electric furnace will be your best bet. It is highly energy-efficient, particularly in places with the extreme cold season. But like other appliances at home, its efficiency may change over time. 

An electric furnace is customizable. It is easy to incorporate smart thermostats and other cutting-edge systems. As an inexperienced homeowner, the process will be tricky and challenging to handle. You can leave the job to the experts for top-notch furnace installation in Charlotte, NC

Like other systems, an electric furnace is estimated to longer with regular maintenance and services from the experts. However, it is expensive to run and can increase your monthly utility bills for sure. 

What’s the Best Choice?

It is necessary to identify your specific needs beforehand, and a certified company providing furnace installation in Charlotte, NC like Get Air Done will be of great help.

Whether you experience a hard time choosing the best type of furnace or you need competitively priced installation, we have a capable team you can count on and trust for years.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at 704-634-0421. We are more than happy to make your first and future installation projects stress-free and fun. 


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